Introducing 4 methods to showcase WooCommerce Featured Products


It is a good idea to showcase WooCommerce featured products somewhere in your online store. In reality, there are numerous ways for you to implement that idea. You can display sales items or best-selling products on sidebars, homepage, shop pages, or blog posts. It will help attract your customers, promote your products, and boost sales.

By default, WooCommerce offers the functionality of featured products. But in addition to this available option, there will be also several methods that help make your featured products stand out.

In this article, we will let you see how to set featured products in WooCommerce. Together with it, we introduce you to some effective methods to showcase them.

Let’s get started with the importance of WooCommerce featured products!

Every feature & functionality in WooCommerce has its own role. Featuring products is regarded as one of the essential features that bring a lot of benefits. So it is applied by many store owners. So now, please spend time looking at the reasons why this feature is important.

Increase visibility

Increased visibility will lead to increased profitability. And setting WooCommerce featured products is a great way to boost product visibility on your WooCommerce site. Then, you can take advantage of this feature to run different marketing campaigns that can help increase sales.

Promote special offers

You also can use featured products as a tool for promoting your special offers. It is an ideal opportunity to sell bundled items or other types of sales products in your store. For example, you can show specific WooCommerce featured products on the homepage or shop page during the Christmas season or Black Friday. But after this occasion, you can choose to remove all or some of them.

Sell old inventory

Apart from sales promotions, featured products are useful for selling your inventory. Feature the old stock that you want to liquidate. You can choose to display them at reduced prices on the homepage, shop pages, single product pages or even sidebars. Then, it will attract lots of people to your items and purchase them.

Increase conversion rate

Many store owners select best-selling items as featured products. We think it is a wise option. There is a good chance that a great number of customers will approach these products. Compared to sales items or old stock, making this type of product featured on the site definitely will help your business earn considerable revenue.

Introduce seasonal products

There are some types of products that customers only want to buy at certain times of the year. You have a clothing store with WooCommerce. Then, it is not a good idea to promote jackets, socks, or scarves in the summer or showcase shorts or T-shirts in the winter, right?

It is necessary to select the right time for marketing any products. And using feature products should be considered for this case. Do market research to find the items that are likely to be in demand, then spotlight them. You will gain lots of sales if you apply featured products for seasons properly.

In short, there are lots of reasons for setting featured products in WooCommerce. It’s a pity if you have not taken notice of this feature before that. But better late than never. Right now, please have a look at the next part to learn how to set WooCommerce featured products.

The default WooCommerce allows you to set WooCommerce featured products. You can consider using one of the methods below:

1. Edit each product page in admin

In the dashboard, you add a new product (Products > Add New) or select the product that you want to mark as featured to edit (Products > All Products > Edit). Besides, for the latter, you can use the search bar in the upper right corner to find the product more quickly.

WooCommerce product page edit

After going to the product page, you will find the Catalog visibility option on the right hand. Here you select Edit, tick the This is a featured product box, and click OK. Now, Publish (for new products) or Update (for existing products) to make the product featured.

WooCommerce featured products

2. Use Quick edit option

Using the quick edit will help you set featured products faster than visiting each product page. But of course, you only can apply it to existing products.

Select Products > All Products, press the Quick Edit button below the product you want to set as featured.

WooCommerce quick edit

Here you move to the Visibility option, tick the Featured box and click on Update as the image below.

set woocommerce featured products

This can be considered the most convenient way to set the existing products as featured. You simply go to Products > All products, search for the product to set as featured and tick the Star icon in the Featured column.

featured products in WooCommerce

In case you no longer want any product to be featured, just click the Star icon again.

However, to have this Featured column for you to tick the Star icon, you will need to make sure that this option is already enabled before that. If you don’t find that column, please check it by going to Screen Options on the top right corner. Then, tick the Featured column as well as any other options you want to show, and click on Apply to save your options.

woocommerce set featured products

In WooCommerce, setting products as featured is the first step you need to do. After that, it’s time to learn how to display featured products in your store.

There are several methods for displaying WooCommerce featured products. You can use shortcodes, widgets, page builders, and plugins. Right in the post, we will instruct you to use each method using the Woostify theme. Let’s see!

Method 1: Use the Woostify advanced shop widget

Once updating from Woostify free to the pro version, you can use Woostify Advanced Widgets for your WooCommerce store, including the widget that helps display featured products.

In the dashboard, you go to Appearance > Widgets, then a screen as the image below will display. Here you can add widgets to Main Sidebar, WooCommerce Sidebar, and Footer. To display featured products, you will select WooCommerce Sidebar.

WooCommerce widgets

Here you can find a range of Advanced Shop Widgets offered by Woostify Pro. You press the Plus button to add the widget you want. Then, you use the search bar to find the Woostify Featured Products widget. Click on the widget to enable it and customize featured products in your WooCommerce store.

Woostify featured products

After you select Woostify Featured Products, there will be several options for you to customize, including product title, product per slide, product limit, and order methods. Edit these options as you want and click Update in the top right corner. Done!

WooCommerce featured products widget

To add the widget, apart from the method above, you can use the customizer. This is considered a convenient way because it allows seeing the live preview.

First, on the shop page, you go to Customize.

customize WooCommerce shop page using widgets

Now, you are redirected to the WooCommerce shop page. Here you can customize the page by adding widgets.

What to do next is select Widgets.

WooCommerce widgets

Next, you go to WooCommerce Sidebar.

WooCommerce Sidebar

Here you add the Woostify Featured Products widget and cover all the customization options. The task will be finished after you click on the Publish button.

how to display WooCommerce featured products

In short, there are two ways to showcase featured products using the widget. No matter which way you follow, in the front end, you will have the featured products displayed on every WooCommerce page that has this widget area. They will look like the image below.

featured products WooCommerce

Method 2: Use WooBuilder add-on

Woostify Pro is upgraded with WooBuilder & Elementor that can help customize all the elements on WooCommerce pages and posts. And to display featured products, you also can use this Woostify add-on.

You can use WooBuilder to add featured products on any page type. In this post, we will let you see how to add them to the shop page.

In the dashboard, you go to Woostify Options to activate WooBuilder.

Next, go to WooBuilder to add a new page template type.

WooBuilder Elementor

With WooBuilder, you can add featured products to any post/page. Here we will do that with the shop page.

Create a new shop page by selecting the Shop page in the drop-down menu and pressing Create Template.

WooCommerce shop page

Now you can fully customize your WooCommerce shop page. Seeing on the left, you will find numerous widgets that you can quickly drag and drop onto the page.

Elementor WooCommerce featured products

To build the featured products for your WooCommerce site, you can choose to use one of the widgets below:

On the search bar, you will find Woostify Featured Products.

Woostify featured products widget

Then, drag and drop this item to build it for the shop page. After that, edit all the elements displayed for featured products.

Apart from featured products, WooBuilder & Elementor allow you to use many other widgets to make the page outstanding and unique.

After customizing the page, you can choose to save it for all product archives, only the shop pageproduct category, or product tag. Here we will save it as the shop page. Complete the process by clicking the Save & Close button.

how to display featured products in WooCommerce

Now, publish the template and preview how your featured products appear on the shop page.

WooCommerce show featured products on shop page

2. Woostify – Products

On the search bar, you will find Woostify – Products.

Edit WooCommerce products

After dropping and dragging the widget onto the page editor, you start editing the Column item in the General section. Select the number of columns you want to set for your featured products.

set columns in WooCommerce

Next, move to the Query section, you will find the Source and Total products items displayed by default as below. In particular, it will showcase 6 latest products from the frontend.

customize Woocommerce featured products

But you want to show featured products right? Therefore, select Featured instead. Depending on your demand, you will set the number of products per page. For example, here we choose to display 4 items on our shop page.

display featured products WooCommerce

3. Woostify – product sliders

We bet many people will love this part because this feature lets you display WooCommerce featured products in a slider.

On the search bar, you will find Woostify – Product Slider.

WooCommerce product slider

Similar to using the two widges above, you just drag and drop to have the screen as below. Then, edit all the items in the Slider Options section as you want.

best woocommerce product slider

Next, you also have to change some items in the Query section such as Source and Total Products.

WooCommerce product slider Eementor

Change Latest Products into Featured to showcase your featured products. And select the number of products displayed on your page.

WooCommerce featured products slider

Method 3: Use shortcodes

In WooCommerce, you can use shortcodes to display any type of product for your store. To customize WooCommerce featured products for your site, you can choose to use one of the shortcodes below. The choice will depend on the number of featured products you want to show on your WooCommerce pages/posts.

[products visibility="featured"]
WooCommerce featured products shortcode
shortcode for featured products in woocommerce
[featured_products columns="3" per_page="6" /]
WooCommerce display featured products shortcode
[products limit="4" columns="4" visibility="featured" /]
WooCommerce get featured products shortcode

Method 4: Use a plugin

In addition to the methods above, you can use a plugin to display WooCommerce featured products. We recommend using Product Slider and Carousel with Category for WooCommerce.

WooCommerce featured products plugin

This free plugin allows you to add some shortcodes to showcase your featured products in a nice slider or carousel. Besides, you can add category ID in the shortcode to sort your products by category.

In particular, after installing and activating the plugin, you can display WooCommerce Featured Product in slider/carousel view by inserting the shortcodes below. You can add them to any post/page of your WooCommerce store.

[wcpscwc_pdt_slider type=”featured”] 


[wcpscwc_pdt_slider type=”featured” cats=”CATEGORY-ID”]

Through this article, we hope that you can understand more about the role of featured products in WooCommerce as well as how to set and display them.

We have introduced you to the four ways to showcase featured products. Each of them will come with different advantages and disadvantages. Anyway, we suggest WooBuilder because, in addition to featured products, it can help customize all your pages in WooCommerce, including product pages, shop pages, cart pages, My Account pages, and Thank You pages. It is quite versatile, thus deserving to be your choice!

Thanks for reading our post to the end! If you have any questions or contributions, please let us know by leaving your comments in the box below. Thanks, again!

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