Ultimate Guide on How to Customize My Account Page in WooCommerce

customize woocommerce my account page

Of all the WooCommerce pages, the My Account Page is where you can store the most important information about your users. Besides, it draws special attention from your customers, thus considerably contributing to improving your store’s conversion rate.

WooCommerce offers a default My Account page, but its simple design seems to be unable to satisfy people’s wants. As a WooCommerce store owner, you will love to give your customers a great experience by designing the My Account Page visually. We can say that for sure.

You are eager to carry out this task, but you don’t know where to start? Then, looking for an effective way to customize WooCommerce My Account page is what you are doing today?

There are several ways to create a custom My Account page. Right here, we will show you all of them so that you can select the best one for your page customization.

Let’s go!

What is the My Account Page?

Before coming to the step-by-step guide on how to customize WooCommerce My Account Page, we together explore what the My Account page is.

As mentioned at the beginning of the post, this is a default page in WooCommerce that includes essential fields asking customers for basic information such as account details, orders, billing and shipping addresses. In case you purchase any digital products, the page will include the Download item where customers will see all their downloads.

woocommerce default my account page


These types of information in WooCommerce are displayed from the front-end using the shortcode of [woocommerce_my_account].

When customers click to register or login to their accounts on your WooCommerce store, a My Account page will come. Then, it will store all the information the customers share with you. The page also allows users to manage their data while preventing other visitors from seeing the customers’ personal information.

What we have said is basically about the way a default My Account page in WooCommerce works. But from the image shown above, you can see that the default one is quite simple but a little boring in terms of design, look, and content.

For this reason, almost all WooCommerce owners find a way to edit WooCommerce My Account page so that they can add more and more items to the page. If you come up with creative ideas for offering new features, then you will get a lot of benefits from this page.

To see how a custom my account page in WooCommerce benefit you, please keep reading.

Even though this out-of-the-box page has all the basic information your users need to manage their orders and settings, editing the My Account page can help you stand out from your competitors and provide a better user experience.


Why Customize My Account Page in WooCommerce?

Considered a vital page in WooCommerce, a My Account Page can do a lot for your store. It can not only hold customers’ information but also offer deals, show rewards points, build trust, and repeat purchase rate if you customize it effectively.

In short, we customize the page for the two main reasons below:


Get more information about your customers

Some people think, mistakenly, that they only need to pay attention to customizing the WooCommerce product page, the homepage, and other eCommerce pages that directly attract customers to buy their products while ignoring the My Account page.

Don’t forget that this page is where you get to know about your users, who they are, what they need, which eCommerce actions they have taken, and so on. The more you understand about customers, the more opportunities you hold to sell more products. Therefore, it is important to create a better design for the My Account page to collect useful information as much as possible, which surely will be helpful for the selling strategies of your business.


Improve user experience

One of the most important rules of eCommerce success is focusing on customers. We think that no matter which pages we choose for customization, the ultimate goal is to improve the user experience. And My Account pages, of course, is not an exception.

A default account page has limited fields for your users to cover. But in some cases, they want their account pages to store more information such as payment methods, reviews, and gift cards. Once customers find all the elements built for the page good enough to help them manage their orders, they will be more likely to come back for more and more purchases in your store.

There are many WooCommerce My Account page designs that can work well for great user experiences.

For example, an Amazon account allows users to add a credit or debit card or apply a gift card to their accounts.

Meanwhile, Walmart.com includes the order’s status on the page so that their customers can track the process of shipping and completing any order.

Besides, designing a rewards points program for those who buy more and more candies like Candy.com is also a great idea.

The image below is an example of Amazon’s account page:

best my account page design

How about you? Do you have any idea of building a unique My Account page?

Maybe a lot. Or maybe nothing.

No problem! Anyway, first of all, you need a powerful tool that helps you edit this page in your own way.

In this post, we won’t mention anything related to overriding template files, PHP, or using hooks in WooCommerce.

Instead, we instruct you how to customize My Account page in WooCommerce with Elementor WooBuilder and a plugin. The two very simple methods to follow for those who know nothing about coding.

Let’s get started!


How To Customize WooCommerce My Account Page with WooBuilder

How do I set up a WooCommerce account page? How do I edit my WooCommerce account page? In this section, we will help you with the in-depth guide.

If you want to design a visual interface with drag-and-drop features for the My Account page, then our WooBuilder Elementor add-on is for you.

It is a WooCommerce-compatible page builder offered by Woostify. The WooBuilder Elementor helps store owners build unique WooCommerce pages that will make your website outstanding compared to your competitors. Apart from the order and account details, this drag and drop page builder allows you to customize your current items or add new elements with Woostify widgets.

To have a custom My Account page with WooBuilder Elementor, please follow the step-by-step guide below:


Step 1: Get started with Woostify Pro

To be able to use any features or functionalities of Woostify, first and foremost, you need to get the Woostify pro here.

Woostify pro - My Account page


There’s still more to see:

Woostify pro - WooCommerce My Account page


Here is the guide on how to install and activate Woostify pro.


Step 2: Activate WooBuilder

After getting the Woostify pro, you need to activate Woobuilder for use.

After getting to the dashboard, you enable WooBuilder by mousing over Woostify Options and select WooBuilder > Activate.

edit woocommerce my account page with WooBuilder


Step 3: Set up any order

Before creating a custom WooCommerce My account page design, you should create at least one order on your WooCommerce shop page. Without any orders on this page, you will have some difficulties in customizing the account page.

Then, please place an order as the way a real customer often does. Visit your shop page and select any product, add it to the cart, proceed to checkout, and finally, place that order.

Done! You will have some virtual orders. Please visit the Orders section in the dashboard to see all the orders you have made with your shop.

Below is our example of some orders taken by our team. Let’s see!


how to customize woocommerce my account page

Step 4: Set up the default My Account page

What to do next is set up the default page. In the dashboard, go to the WooCommerce section, then select Settings > Advanced. In the drop-down of the My Account page, select My account.

how to customize my account page in woocommerce


Step 5: Create a My Account page

Now it’s time to learn how to create My account page in WooCommerce.

Come back to select Woostify Options > WooBuilder > Add New


how to create my account page in woocommerce

After that, the screen will display the request that needs filling as below.

Select My account page as the template type, and name that template as you like.

Click on CREATE TEMPLATE to start customizing the My account page.

woocommerce create my account page


Step 6: Customize WooCommerce My Account page with Elementor & WooBuilder

After creating the template, your new screen will display the Edit with Elementor button. Click on it to modify the page with Elementor & WooBuilder.

how to edit woocommerce my account page

Then, you will come to the place where you can drag and drop any widget available to design a visual account page for your WooCommerce store.

Here you look at the left sidebar and scroll down to find WOOSTIFY MY ACCOUNT.

Then, click on its navigation arrow icon.

Next, you will find the Woostify – My Account widget.

Now, drop and drag this widget to the page.

You can see our demo below:


customize woocommerce my account page elementor

Then, you will have a default interface with:

  • Dashboard: customers can view their recent orders, manage other private information like shipping and billing addresses, passwords, and account details.
  • Orders: the total price of an order.
  • Download: the number of downloads (only for digital products).
  • Address: the recipient’s address.
  • Account Details: customer’s private information.
  • Logout: customers can log out of your shop here.
modify woocommerce my account page

Using our Woostify widget, you can modify any of these elements for the My Account page.

Right below these items, you can see the ADD ITEM button, meaning that our WooBuilder & Elementor add-ons allow you to create any other favourite things for the page. For each item added, you name it before building it as you like.

If you have pre-made templates available, you can select one of them. In case you want to navigate users to another page, please enter an URL in the URL section.

add tab to woocommerce my account page

Then, you can go to Tab Head and Tab Content to style the page and edit the layout, background colour, text colour, and alignment of all the sections.

Here are the parts of Tab Head:


design woocommerce my account page

And here is Tab Content:


customize my account page woocommerce elementor

Following our instructions above combined with producing your own creative ideas to have a My Account page customized in the front end.

Below is our My Account page demo.

customize my account page woocommerce elementor



How To Edit WooCommerce My Account Page with a plugin

Using a plugin to customize WooCommerce pages is a quite popular method. Then, you also can apply this to modifying the WooCommerce My Account pages.

There are lots of free and premium plugins for WooCommerce My Account customization out there. But we haven’t found any free plugins that offer the features and functionalities meeting the users’ demand. Therefore, right here, we only introduce you to the paid versions.

Below is the list of the best premium My Account page plugins for WooCommerce.

YITH WooCommerce Customize My Account page

YITH WooCommerce Customize My Account page

YITH WooCommerce Customize My Account Page cannot be absent in this list. With a wide range of features, this plugin allows full customization of the My Account pages. Besides customizing the default sections, you can add custom tabs, show any discount codes or special offers, and set the user roles that restrict access to certain information.

Then, please look at the most outstanding features of the plugin.

Key features

  • Edit the default WooCommerce endpoints, add custom ones to the My Account page, and group them for better organizational structure
  • Make it easy to change the page layout by giving you various options to edit the menu, sidebar, and tabs
  • Add special offers and discount coupons to the My Account page
  • Grant only specific users to access the custom endpoint of the page
  • Stop spam registration by blocking suspicious email domains


YITH WooCommerce Customize My Account Page costs you $59/year for a single site, and $212/year for 6 sites.

Customize My Account for WooCommerce

customize my account page woocommerce plugin

Developed by ThemeGrill, Customize My Account for WooCommerce is an ideal choice for those who are hunting for a useful tool for modifying WooCommerce My Account pages.

Many website design companies also use this plugin, you can add an unlimited number of custom tabs, group them, personalize the tab content, and use a range of customization options for changing colors, fonts, images, spacing, and so on.


Key Features

  • Remove, add, and group tabs and menus and create custom content on them
  • Offer a variety of customization options for backgrounds, fonts, colours, margins, and many others
  • Allow editing the My Account page with live customizer
  • Set up user role for specific endpoints
  • Add custom CSS to the page if you like


Customize My Account for WooCommerce costs $49/year. The plugin also come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

SS WooCommerce Myaccount Ajax Tabs

woocommerce my account page plugin

This WooCommerce plugin is so helpful in improving the user experience. What makes it stand out compared to other My Account page plugins is the Ajax feature. After enabling this feature, you easily turn My Account page tabs into Ajax tabs, then your customers can navigate through different tabs without refreshing the page.

Besides, SS WooCommerce Myaccount Ajax Tabs lets you remove any unnecessary tabs or set up new ones. You also can add any submenus and organize them into the tabs with this plugin.


Key Features

  • Include Ajax features that help WooCommerce My Account tabs load faster without page refresh
  • Offer three options of building tab styles, including default, classic and flat ones
  • Allow removing and adding tabs on the My Account page
  • Let users enable or disable the Ajax feature


You can use SS WooCommerce Myaccount Ajax tabs at a cost of $29.

Apart from the plugins mentioned above, you also can consider using Custom My Account for Woocommerce, WooCommerce Account Pages by Iconicwp, and Custom User Registration Fields for WooCommerce.


So which is better to customize WooCommerce Account Page?

Each customization option has its own advantage. But we highly recommend using the WooBuilder add-on by Woostify if you love great convenience. This WooCommerce page builder lets you fully customize every item of the My Account page and add any new one as you expect.

Our add-on is also extremely easy to use. Just drag and drop the widget available, then you can comfortably style the page and customize any parts you want. Without learning any coding, you still make the My Account page design visually attractive.

Besides the My Account page, you can use this builder to edit the product page, checkout page, shop page, cart page, thank you page. For each page, Woostify will provide you with different customization options that make all your pages more eye-catching, creating a unique customer experience.


Does this point make our Woostify WooBuilder much more convenient than using a plugin, right?

You see. Instead of installing dozens of plugins for customizing different pages, you only need to download and install the Woostify pro. Then, you can use a variety of premium add-ons. Apart from WooBuilder & Elementor, Woostify offers many other outstanding features such as header footer builder, mega menu, variation swatches, size guide, quick view, and so on.

This means ONE FOR ALL. That’s so cool, right?

We want to say that you will save an amount of money when enjoying our add-on.


To use WooBuilder for any page customization and many other pro add-ons, you should upgrade to Woostify pro that offers the three packages. From here, depending on the number of sites you have, you will select the most suitable one.

In conclusion,

Our article has introduced you to the two popular methods to customize WooCommerce My Account page. If you are in the dark about coding, we bet that they will help you a lot. We already show you which customization method is more convenient and money-saving for your store. Then, it’s time for you to consider and make the final decision. Anyway, wish you to create the My Account pages that are attractive and get more sales.

Finally, thanks for spending time on our post. If you have any contributions, please leave your comments below. We are so happy to answer any queries.

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