Introduce Elementor Mega Menu add-on and new updates

Does Woostify support “Elementor mega menu“?
That was the question we have received a lot from the past few months.

Thanks for your support during the last time. In this article, I am very glad to announce that the Elementor Mega menu add-on is released and included in the Pro bundle version 1.1.3.

You can use a page builder like Elementor to build the layout for the mega menu. Click here to see the detail instruction.

To demo for this feature, we add a brand new demo call Mega demo, this demo is suitable for medium online stores that have a lot of products such as electronics, cosmetics, accessories, and multipurpose online stores.

View Demo

One of the new widgets on this demo: Product tab

Besides, we also have some upgrades in Free version

  • Redesign Thank You page
  • Add arrow icon to parent menus that have sup menu
  • Ajax single add to cart feature now turns to Free version
  • Add recently Viewed product on product single page

Below is the old version of the Thank you page design. It looks quite simple.

Here is the new design with better UI and UX

Recently Viewed Product is also an interesting feature that we offer by default. This helps the users to see the list of the products they recently viewed. Definitely, it will also triplicate your conversion rate!

In the next month, I’ll come back with a new add-on that helps to increase the social proof and some updates for the WooCommerce checkout page, cart page and My Account page.

Stay tuned for that!

To follow what’s happening in Woostify, you can:


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