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Mega Menu

Elementor Mega Menu of Woostify allows you to create a fully responsive mega menu with dropdown items, rich in content modules. All of the process is clear and easy. The content of Mega Menu is added from the page content; therefore, you can build it by using any page builders.

After activating Mega Menu add-on, going to Woostify Options -> Mega menu to create a menu page.

Edit menu content with a page builder

After saving the menu, go to Appearance -> Menu to add this to the main menu

1. Enable Mega menu on Menus page

2. Select elementor mega menu item to the menu

By default, the mega menu width depends on the content. If you want to change it, click to Woostify Mega menu option

  • Default: the width can change depends on the content of the mega menu
  • Container: increase the width to the container of the page
  • Full-width: increase the width to 100%

You can see the detail process in this video.

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