Ultimate Guide To Custom Thank You Page Per Product For WooCommerce

woocommerce custom thank you page per product

In the last blog posts, we provided you with basic knowledge of a default Thank You page, a WooCommerce custom Thank You page, as well as steps to customize a Thank You page in WooCommerce.

And today, we want to help you clearly understand another definition of that topic – WooCommerce custom Thank You page per product.

So what is it? Why should you create it? And how can you set up it for your WooCommerce store?

You will find the answers to all these questions in this post. Please scroll down to see.

What are custom thank you pages per product for WooCommerce?

As normal, if you don’t apply any customization methods, then the system will automatically direct your customers to a default WooCommerce Thank You page immediately after they complete their order on your store.

However, today almost all online store owners realize the importance of a Thank You page and find a way to replace this default page with a new one. It’s called a custom Thank You page.

In WooCommerce, these custom Thank You pages are often divided into two main types, including general Thank You pages and custom Thank You pages per product for WooCommerce.

The former is a single custom page where all your customers will be directed after checkout regardless of which product they have bought.

Meanwhile, setting up the latter means that you will create different Thank You pages for individual products. Some plugins also allow users to create category Thank You pages.

As a matter of fact, there has been a significant increase in the number of WooCommerce store owners choosing to create a custom thank you page for every single product rather than a general Thank You page.

Why is that? Which benefits you will gain from this page set-up type?

Keep reading to find out the answer.

Why should we create custom thank you pages per product for WooCommerce?

Replacing a default Thank You page with a custom one is definitely a wise decision because this customized page offers space for you to add dozens of things, depending on your ideas and purposes.

But in some cases, it seems that only one general Thank You page is not enough.

Why did we say that? Let’s see the reasons below.

Different products, different features

Imagine that you have a store with a wide range of products and services.

Each of them, of course, has its own feature and meets customers’ different demands.

As a result, you will need different content shown on the page so that it can satisfy the customers, thus reaching the conversion rate as high as possible.

Let’s see some simple examples

To give you a clearer understanding, we will show some practical examples.

Your WooCommerce has two types of products, including tangible and intangible ones. Tangible products can be books, clothes, Yoga mats, food, and so on. Meanwhile, intangible goods include digital products such as ebooks, mobile apps & games, and WordPress themes & plugins.

As you can see, these two types are so far different from each other. Therefore, using the same Thank You page is not highly recommended.

Instead, for each, it is essential to consider designing appropriate elements to add to its own Thank You page.

For instance, you are selling coaching sessions. Then, you will want to provide customers with detailed instruction on what to do next (an instructional video or illustrated images).

But those who buy several books or a suit of clothes from your store won’t need that kind of information. Instead, they will want to see the shipping process shown on the page. In this case, a location map is necessary.

In short

With a store of various products, a WooCommerce custom Thank You page per product is necessary. Depending on the kinds of purchased products, you will need different Thank You pages to design the content matching that product.

How can we set up a WooCommerce thank you page per product

Use a WooCommerce custom Thank You Page plugin


To have a WooCommerce custom Thank You page per product, you need the support of a WooCommerce thank you page plugin.

There are several plugins that can help you cover this setup, namely WooCommerce Redirect Thank You, YITH Custom Thank You Page for WooCommerce, Custom Thank You Page by StoreApps, and many others.

With these plugins, you can choose to create a general Thank You page for the whole store or different Thank You pages for specific products.

If you select the latter, then create multiple pages and link them with individual products.

Depending on which plugin you choose to use, your Thank You pages will work in different ways. But in general, many of them often follow the rules shown below:

  • Every single product can have a separate custom Thank You page
  • The same Thank You page can be used for many products
  • Not every product requires a different Thank You page. So some products can be redirected to their own Thank You pages while some others will be redirected to the general Thank You page that is set as the default.
  • If the customers order multiple products while each of them has different Thank You pages, then they will be directed to the first custom Thank You page.

How to create a WooCommerce custom Thank You page per product with YITH Custom Thank You Page

Below is our detailed instruction for using YITH Custom Thank You page plugin to set up a WooCommerce Thank You page per product. It’s very simple.

  • Step 1: In WooCommerce, go to the product you want to have a specific Thank You page. Then click on “Custom Thank You Page” to select one from the dropdown menu. Here we choose “Thank You Page Product”.

You can see your WooCommerce custom Thank You page per product in the admin area.

After selecting the custom Thank You page for the product and click on “Update”, we will have a Thank You page displayed as the image below.

As you can see, order details, customer information, social share buttons, and up-sells.

  • Step 2: Set priority to “Product”

To assign your Thank You page to that specific product, you need to set priority to “Product” by going to Plugins and select Settings of YITH Custom Thank You Page for WooCommerce Premium.

In the “Priority” section, select “Product” from the dropdown menu. Then, the set-up is done.

In case you choose “General” or “Product Category”, a general or category Thank You page will be displayed for all your products in the store or those belonging to some category regardless of the fact that you created a separate Thank You page for a specific product before that.

In conclusion,

The main reason for creating a WooCommerce custom Thank You page per product is because it gives you a chance to create different content suiting each type of product.

After having as many Thank You pages as you want, you can comfortably show outstanding values to attract customers.

Don’t hesitate to select your favourite plugin and create perfect Thank You pages that help improve your sales effectiveness as soon as possible.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read our blog. For any contributions or queries, please leave your comments below. So happy to hear from you.

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