Top 5 Best Thank You Page Plugins For WooCommerce

5 best Thank You page plugins for WooCommerce 2020

In your WooCommerce website, the Thank You page is considered the page with the highest conversion rate. Therefore, it is very important to optimize the page, aimed at maximizing its use.

Unluckily, the default Thank You page in WooCommerce won’t give you a chance to carry out this task. For this reason, instead of continuing with the default page, you are highly recommended to create a custom page with a WooCommerce Thank You page plugin.

Using a free or premium plugin is one of the most popular methods for page customization. In the article today, we would like to introduce you to the top-rated custom thank you page plugins for WooCommerce. Let’s see what they are!

woocommerce thank you page plugin

Why customize WooCommerce thank you pages with a plugin

If you customize your WooCommerce Thank You page in the right way, what it can do is more than confirm the completed order or send a thank you message. With a customized thank you page, you can:

  • Build trust with your customers
  • Offer repeat conversions
  • Turn your customers into promoters

In the article All Things You Should Know about Thank You Page in WooCommerce, we let you see the reason why we should customize your Thank you pages in detail.

There we also show you up to 5 ways for page customization. But of all these, we highly recommend using the Woostify theme and plugins.

Right here, we only focus on the reasons for using Thank You page WooCommerce plugins.

And here are the reasons:

Require no coding

You are a store owner, not a coder. Then, you won’t feel confident enough to code even if there is an ultimate guide available out there. Unless you get some coding knowledge, coding the site yourself is not a good idea. That’s right?

In case you still love coding for Thank You pages, the best choice is hiring a developer. OK. That’s fine. But of course, it is not cheap. You will spend a lot of money on it. We also believe that few people choose that solution when building a store on WordPress.

Then, do you know why we suggest considering a reliable WooCommerce Thank You page plugin instead of coding?

A Thank You page plugin can offer you powerful functionality and features as a good developer can do. So why don’t you choose it?

Save time

Yeah, it helps save a lot of time.

First of all, selecting a reliable plugin is much easier than hiring a good developer.

It is challenging to evaluate a developer if you get no knowledge of coding, right? Meanwhile, just have a look at the number of active installations and reviews as well, and you can find out the best plugin.

Besides, almost all WordPress plugins are easy to use. Once you purchase any plugin, you will receive a step-by-step guide. You can learn how to use it in various forms such as text, images, and videos.

In case you deal with any difficulties, you can contact the plugin provider to get support.

Offer both free and premium versions

If you are patient to read our full article, you will realize that almost all of them come with a free version and an upgraded plan that includes several package options.

If the Thank you page needs only basic features, you don’t have to spend a penny. So cool, right?

When you come to the premium version, there are different levels of price for you to choose from, from low-cost to high-cost options. But in general, WordPress plugins are quite affordable and cheaper than hiring a developer.

In short, to create a Thank You page that can build trust, offer repeat conversions, and draw potential customers, you should install a WooCommerce Thank You page plugin that offers full customization on the page.

So don’t hesitate to come to the list of top-rated plugins.

Top 5 best WooCommerce thank you page plugins

Looking for a WooCommerce custom thank you page plugin that helps to boost your sales, don’t ignore the options below:

1. WooBuilder

First of all, we want to introduce you to a great choice, the Woostify pro version. Woostify is a theme, not a plugin. But when you come to the Woostify pro version, this theme is integrated with the WooBuilder add-on, which not only allows you to create a WooCommerce shop page or customize WooCommerce product page Elementor but also offers numerous adding options to Thank You pages.

In addition to the fundamental elements related to the order that has been taken, Woostify allows inserting other conversion-boosting elements, including social media buttons, Google Maps, illustrated images, videos, or any elements you like. The most preferred feature of Woostify is the drop and drag that is aimed at simplifying the process of building any WooCommerce page.

To have a Thank You page with Woostify, you follow the simple steps. Watch this video to see how you can build a thank you page with WooBuilder.

Step 1: Create a Thank You page

First, you need to set up a Thank You page:

  • Go to Woostify Options, then activate WooBuilder
  • Click on Add New to create a new page
  • In the dropdown menu, the add-on offers various template options, including Shop Page, Product Page, My Account Page, Cart Page, Cart Empty, Checkout Page, and Thankyou Page. Please choose Thankyou Page and name it.

Step 2: Customize the Thank You page

After creating the Thank You page, look at the sidebar, scroll down, and click on Woostify Thankyou.

A list of basic elements of the Thank You page will be displayed, including order overview, order details, shipping address, and billing address.

Next, drop and drag these elements to the page.

On the sidebar, there are many other elements to add. You can select any ones you like, then drop and drag them.

Finally, click on the button Publish at the bottom of the page, then you will have the Thank You Page customized with WooBuilder WooCommerce single product page builder, a cool thank you page WooCommerce plugin.

Besides thank you pages, shop pages, and product pages, you can use WooBuilder to customize WooCommerce cart page and my account page or design a custom WooCommerce checkout page.

2. NextMove Lite – Thank You page for WooCommerce

In the list of the best free WooCommerce Thank You page plugins, NextMove Lite cannot be absent. There are quite a few components you can add to your page if you come to NextMove Lite. This plugin comes with both free and premium versions.

Welcome to the free version

The default Thank You page already shows your customers the order details. But we bet that it is not attractive enough to make you satisfied. And, you definitely want to replace this boring format with a new one. Then, NextMove Lite free can help a lot by letting you change font size, colors, and layout. What’s more, you can create a Thank You page based on the exact name of the purchased items, the item category, or the specific number of items.

Customer information also can be customized. In the thank you message, call the customers’ names rather than showing all of them the same note. Together with it, you can edit the layout of the shipping and billing address in the way you like.

What’s more, the plugin also offers you a location map that will make your page look much more interactive. Meanwhile, HTML Editor is a useful tool for engaging your customers with newsletters, feedback, or survey.

What’s special about the premium version

When it comes to the pro version, we first want to say that it deserves your money. With different levels of price, it can help you improve your sales with upselling and cross-selling.

Provided with more functionalities than the free version, Next Move Pro is excellent at increasing engagement. In particular, it unlocks up to 17 special features that set dynamic coupons, smart bribe, related products, video display, social share buttons, and many more on the thank you page.


If you select the paid version, then there are three options for you. The basic one costs $29; the pro one costs $59, and the elite one costs $149.

Do you already realize the enormous potential of Thank You pages and desire to gain repeat orders on your WooCommerce store? Then, NextMove is definitely a must-have plugin.

3. YITH Custom Thank You Page for WooCommerce

Similar to NextMove Lite, YITH Custom Thank You Page for WooCommerce offers free and paid versions that provide users with various customization options. The biggest advantage of this plugin is that it requires simple steps to follow and works well with the standard WordPress editor.

Welcome to the free version

The free version allows you to create a custom Thank You page for all the products in your store. You also can use custom CSS to edit the page in your own way. The YITH free also brings more happiness to online store owners with a standard order details template that looks so nice. If you want to hunt for more templates, please come to the premium version.

What’s special about the premium version

Apart from covering all the features of the free version, YITH Custom Thank You Page For Woocommerce premium certainly makes you surprised by a wide range of functionalities.

After installing this plugin, you can set up either the same custom Thank You page for every product or a WooCommerce custom Thank You page per product. Besides, every WooCommerce product category or payment method can have different Thank You pages. The choice mainly depends on which product you are selling and what type of information you want your customers to see on your page.

For more convenience, this WooCommerce Thank You page plugin offers space to insert a PDF button so that your customers can download their order details as PDFs.

On the Thank You page customized by the YITH premium, it is highly recommended to encourage your customers to share your products via Facebook or Twitter and show up-sells. But the special point here is that after adding social sharing buttons to the page, you can shorten the URL for sharing by using Google or Bitly, both of which are available on the plugin.


If the YITH free version is not your choice, you will have to spend some money unlocking all the features of the YITH premium, particularly, it costs €59,9 for a single site, €179,99 for 6 sites, and €179,99 for 30 sites.

After all, the YITH premium perfectly brings a new face to your Thank You page. Your customers will no longer see a boring default page. Instead, a beautifully designed page will come to them right after they complete the order form.

4. Thank You Page Customizer for WooCommerce

If you are looking for a WooCommerce Thank You page plugin for sales boosting, then WooCommerce Thank You Page Customizer was born for you. Why do we say that? Let’s explore why this plugin is highly recommended.

Welcome to the free version

If you don’t want to spend money on page customization, this free WooCommerce Thank You page plugin is the best choice. Despite being a free version, Thank You Page Customizer provides users with numerous options for customization.

“Simple”, “free” but “helpful” are some words people often use to tell about this plugin. With a few quick steps, you can add lots of components to the page and customize almost everything, from thank-you notes, and order information, to social icons, map locations, images, and videos.

Even you can use drag & drop to build the layout of the page, then design these components in the style you like.

What’s special about the premium version

Like other plugins, the premium version of Thank You Page Customizer for WooCommerce can do everything that the free version does. But what makes it deserves every penny? Let’s see!

The plugin allows creating a slide show with related, recent, featured, best-selling, top-rated, up-sell, and cross-sell products, which makes a considerable contribution to increasing users’ engagement.

Together with the products of your store, your Thank You page also can show a list of coupons related to the purchased products after you set the specific rules for the types of orders suitable to those coupons.

If the free version gives you the only option of the map style, this pro version allows you to customize more with the map. If you find the default map not attractive enough, then you can select any map style you love for your page.


You can choose to use the free version. Or $26.00 is the amount of money you will have to pay to experience all the awesome features of the Thank You Page Customizer for the WooCommerce pro version.

Such a fantastic plugin with reasonable prices! What are you waiting for? Create a Thank You page with this user-friendly plugin right now.

5. WooCommerce Redirect Thank You

This is regarded as one of the ideal plugins for those who dream of creating unique Thank You pages for specific products. Of course, this plugin also can help you with a friendly general Thank You page if you want.

What makes the plugin worth your while

For the distinctive characteristics of every product, today many store owners tend to create a Thank You page per product instead of using the default page or building only one page for all the products.

With every page per product created by WooCommerce Redirect Thank You plugin, you can provide customers with specific instructions or any other additional information on the purchased product. For example, if your store sells physical goods, a map is a good suggestion. Meanwhile, there are some services or products that need a guide with specific steps to help customers understand what they have to do next. Here an instructional video or images should be included.

If customers buy several products and each of them has one Thank You page, the system will automatically direct your customers to the first one.

No matter how many Thank You pages you generate, the plugin always gives you a chance to customize the page in several ways. You can add numerous kinds of information on shipping, manufacture, availability, social share buttons, cross-sells, up-sells, and coupon offers to gain more sales on the page.


Different from the plugins mentioned above, there is not any free version for WooCommerce Redirect Thank You plugin. The plugin’s price ranges from $79.00 to $199.00. Specifically, $79.00 for one site; $139.00 for 2-5 sites; $199.00 for 6-20 sites.

In addition to outstanding features, this WooCommerce Thank You page plugin is loved by its simple setup. If you are interested in the powerful functionality of this plugin, take it for your WooCommerce store right now.

6. Custom Thank You Page by StoreApps

The last name we want to mention in this list is Custom Thank You Pages by StoreApps. Like the WooCommerce Thank You page plugin above, this one allows you to create a custom Thank You page for all the products on the store and customize custom Thank You pages for specific products. But are there any other special points about it? Please scroll down to get more.

What makes the plugin worth your while

The setup of the custom Thank You with the plugin is quite simple and does not require any coding. You can use any WooCommerce page builder and theme to create and customize a Thank You page as you expect.

Besides, shortcodes and other plugins can be useful for adding any custom content to the page. For example, you can use a shortcode to show order details or get the Smart Offers plugin by StoreApps if you want to make upsells, cross-sells, or special offers.

What’s more, you also can find many other unique ideas for designing the page right on the website of StoreApps. Some of them are testimonials, video messages, human images, and surveys that will make a significant contribution to boosting your sales.

The only disadvantage of StoreApps’ Custom Thank You Page is not supporting showing a custom Thank You page based on product variations, categories, and payment gateways. Maybe this feature will come in the upcoming time.


In terms of pricing, there are two choices for you. You can buy the plugin at a cost of $39 per year or make a one-time purchase at $119.

With the message of “Turn one-time buyers into repeat buyers”, the WooCommerce Thank You page plugin offered by StoreApps promises to give more benefits and make more sales.

It is highly recommended to refer to the Top 9 ideal Thank You page examples for WooCommerce.

For the final word,

If you don’t know how to edit or customize a Thank You page in WooCommerce, then, we have introduced you to the top-rated WooCommerce Thank You page plugins. Hopefully, they are useful for you. In fact, there are still many other amazing plugins for Thank You pages out there you should try to choose the most suitable one. Some typical names are Contact Form 7 Thank You page, WC Custom Thank You, WC Thanks Redirect, and so on.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read our blog. If you have any contributions or queries, please leave your comments below. We are so happy to hear from you.

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