How to Add Product Quick View to Your WooCommerce Store

WooCommerce product quick view

Do you want to let your customers see product details right on the listing pages? Then, you should consider adding the WooCommerce Product Quick View button.

With the Quick View feature, visitors can view product information and make a purchase from the shop page, category page, or search result page instead of having to visit product detail pages. It’s a great convenience approaching their favorite items without navigating to another page.

But it’s a pity that the default WooCommerce doesn’t provide store owners with such an amazing feature. Then, what you need to do is look for a supporting tool.

This article will explain how this feature works and boosts your store. Furthermore, we also introduce you to a powerful WooCommerce quickview tool called Woostify Quick View. Please keep reading to explore all the things.

What is Quick View
What is Quick View

What is Quick View in WooCommerce? How does it work?

Quick View is the feature giving people an overview of the products on the store page. When clicking on the Quick View button of any item, a lightbox/popup will display for your visitors to view product details such as product prices, short descriptions, images, photo galleries, and colors and sizes.

Before the feature comes in, visitors may have to go to each single product page if they want to explore their features. The more products they want to see in detail, the more time they have to spend loading new pages. For many people, it is a time-consuming process and they will feel bored with this poor shopping experience.

As a store owner, you want to optimize this process, right? And the Quick View feature is here to help you. With a Quick View button, no matter how many products your visitors want to view, there won’t be any new page loads required. They can enjoy seeing the details of all products in one location and make a quick comparison.

The Quick View popup also includes an add-to-cart button. After visitors “quick view” an item, they can add it to the cart right on the lightbox/popup if they feel satisfied.

Why should we add a “Quick View” feature to the WooCommerce store?

Through the section above, you already understand how WooCommerce Product Quick View works. And in this part, we’ll list the specific benefits of using this feature.

  • First and foremost, improve website navigation. People can grab the necessary details of each product without moving back and forth between the product listing page and product details pages. Once they click on the Quick View button, a lightbox will display and allow accessing product details of the item. After closing the box, you still stay on that listing page where you can continue to browse other items and open their Quick View boxes if you want.
  • Second, help visitors easily compare features between different products. As mentioned above, with the WooCommerce Product Quick View feature, visitors can explore details of various items on one page instead of moving between the product list and individual product pages. This function makes it easier for visitors to browse, make a comparison and come to a purchase decision.
  • Last but not least, increase add to cart rate to create more sales. When a Quick View lightbox displays, it often includes an Add to Cart button. Due to letting people see many products without navigating between pages, this feature encourages customers to add multiple products to the cart. Although cart abandonment may occur, nearly 40% of users who choose to add to the cart finally purchase that item, according to statistics. That’s totally awesome!

You’ve grabbed the benefits of Quick View. Then it’s time to add this feature to your store. Let’s dive in!

How to Add WooCommerce Product Quick View (using Woostify Quick View)

As we said from the beginning, the default WooCommerce doesn’t include the Quick View feature. You need support from a tool to add this function to your WooCommerce store.

Here we introduce you to a powerful tool called Quick View (offered by Woostify) that helps enable the Quick View feature quickly and easily. Different from other Quick View plugins for WooCommerce, this feature is integrated into the Woostify theme. Then, once you install Woostify and upgrade to the pro version, you get a chance to use Quick View and other fantastic features.

Woostify Quick View lets users add the Quick View button to each product on the WooCommerce shop page or category page and remove the button from these listing pages when unnecessary. The add to cart button is included in the Quick View product lightbox, so customers can add items to the cart and complete the purchasing process directly on the product listing pages.

Right now, we’ll deeply cover the outstanding features of Woostify Quick View and show you a step-by-step guide to creating the button or removing it from your store.

1. Enable the Quick View add-on in Woostify

To make the Quick View function work, you first need to enable it.

  • From the WooCommerce dashboard, navigate to the Woostify option on the left menu.
  • Then, go to visit the Add-ons tab where all Woostify add-ons are displayed.
  • Scroll down to find the Quick View add-on and tap on the button at the corner of the add-on.

Now the Quick View function has been activated for your WooCommerce store.

WooCommerce product quick view
Woostify Quick View add-on

2. Customize the Quick View button for the listing page (shop page)

After being enabled in the Add-ons tab, Quick View can work well on your listing pages. But to style the Quick View button to your liking, please take this step – customize the button.

The shop page is a listing page, then here we’ll take the Quick View on the shop page as an example.

Let’s get started!

Visit the shop page and click on Customize.

custom quick view woocommerce
customize Quick View in WooCommerce

In the Customize interface, you’ll find a lot of sections for customizing your WooCommerce store. Please go to visit the WooCommerce section to reach the Quick View button.

eCommerce quick view
WooCommerce Product Quick View

After navigating to WooCommerce, you will be taken to the menu in the image below. Go to the Shop Archive tab to edit the Quick View for the shop page.

WooCommerce listing page quick view
WooCommerce Shop Page Quick View

Now you can see the Quick View Button with different options for customization.

Quick View button WooCommerce
Quick View button WooCommerce
  • Position: there are four position options available for the Quick View button to display. The first option is no Quick View button.
  • Quick View Icon: the icon is an eye. You can choose to display or hide the Quick View icon.
  • Background: there will be two options to set the background color, including Normal (color displayed when visitors mouse over the product image) and Hover (color displayed when visitors mouse over the Quick View button).
  • Color: you will change the color for the Quick View text here. Like Background, the add-on provides two options for editing text color, Normal and Hover.
  • Border Radius: set up this part if you want to create a rounded button. It is noted that this option only works for the button that is placed in the middle of the product image.

Because the WooCommerce Product Quick View feature is located in the Live Customizer, you can preview how the button looks and works.

Don’t forget to tap the Publish button to save the changes you’ve set up.

edit Quick View WooCommerce
edit Quick View WooCommerce

3. See how Quick View works in the frontend

After completing the setup, you can visit the shop page to check how the Quick View feature works.

product quick view popup Wooommerce
Product Quick View Popup in WooCommerce

As you can see, after clicking on the Quick View button of an item, we can preview product prices, descriptions, variations, SKUs, categories, and Add to Cart button. Here we also add several desired items to the cart without navigating to any other page.

4. Remove Quick View from WooCommerce

To remove the Quick View button from WooCommerce listing pages, you come back to the WooCommerce dashboard, visit the Add-ons tab, and tap the button as in the image below to deactivate the Quick View add-on. It’s all done!

remove Quick View WooCommerce
Remove Quick View in WooCommerce

Let’s check whether the add-on is disabled or not!

Simply go to the shop page and reload the page. Now, when we hover over any product on the shop page, the Quick View button is no longer displayed. That is done

Add WooCommerce Product Quick View to Your Store right now!

The Quick View feature plays an important role in boosting your store. Therefore, if you want to increase the add-to-cart rate and improve sales, it is necessary to install a Quick View tool. Woostify Quick View is our suggestion to cover this task. This Woostify add-on allows you to:

  • Show product details in the Quick View lightbox
  • Customize the Quick View button with various options
  • Add multiple items to the cart from one page

It’s also very simple to set up this feature for your store. Just activate, customize, and check. It may take you less than 5 minutes to finish the whole process. It is noted that we don’t sell this feature separately. To use the add-on, you have to be a Woostify Pro user.

Once you become a Woostify Pro user, apart from Quick View, you have an opportunity to use many other fantastic features such as:

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