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Sticky Header

Sticky header of Woostify Pro allows users to create a floating header that always sticks at the top of your site when the user scrolls up or down. This will help your customers to navigate around the site without any hassle.

To activate this useful function in Woostify Pro, you can follow our steps below:

Step 1: In the Dashboard, navigate to Woostify Options under Appearance, then enable Elementor Sticky Header by clicking into Activate

Step 2: In the page front-end, go to Customizer -> Layout -> Sticky Header, then you will see a new page as follow:

In this section, you can not only activate Sticky Header by turning the icon into Green, but you can also choose to show or hide Sticky header at any page you want, select background color and the devices it works on. Moreover, you can customize Bottom border width and bottom color.

The last step is to Publish what you have done.

Let’s see how Elementor Sticky Header works:

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