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Multiple Headers

WordPress Multiple Headers of Woostify provide you 8 header layouts to customize. This function makes customizing the header become so easy.


The layout setting allows you to configure the background color, full width. In the Element sections, you have the chance to enable or disable the header menu, search icon, search only product, account icon, and shopping cart icon.


Layout 1
Layout 2
Layout 3
Layout 4
Layout 5
Layout 6
Layout 7

layout 8

Shortcode list


[header_single_block icon="ti-headphone-alt" icon_color="#fcb702" heading="(+245)-1802-2019" href="[email protected]"]

My account

[header_content_block my_account="true" my_account_url="#" my_account_label="My Account"]


[header_content_block support="true" support_url="#" support_label="Support"]


[header_content_block checkout="true" checkout_url="#" checkout_label="Checkout"]
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