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Sticky Add to cart button

Sticky add to cart button, a great function that Woostify Pro offers, allows users to create an add-to-cart floating button that sticks at the bottom or top of your product page when the user scrolls down. From that, customers can easily add the product they are interested into their shopping cart immediately without scrolling up to Buy now or Add to cart button above, which may result in higher conversion rate for your store. In this tutorial, we are guiding you to enable Sticky add to cart button in Woostify Pro.

Step 1: Navigate to Woostify Options under Appearance in Dashboard

Then Enable Sticky Button function by clicking into Active

Step 2: Go to Customize on the top left side of the homepage.

After that, click into WooCommerce from the list of customization.

A new list appears, you then hit into Product Single -> Advanced button.

Here, you can enable Sticky Single Add to cart button on top or Bottom. And you can select to display this button on Mobile, Desktop, or Both mobile & desktop.

Step 3: Publish your customization and choose Mobile or tablet screen to preview

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