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This tutorial will present you 3 steps of customizing some features in blog section such as blog layout, limit excerpt, blog limit structure, and blog post meta.

Step 1: In dashboard, navigate to Appearance > Customize > Layout > Blog, then you will see a window as below.

Step 2: Now, you can easily configure some attribute as follows:

  • Blog layout is the organization of the posts on blog page. There are 4 types of blog layout you can set: Standard, list, grid or zigzag
  • Limit excerpt is the number of letters previewed in the blog description, under blog title.
  • In blog list structure, you can choose to show blog featured image and blog title or not within just one click.
  • Blog post meta allows you to display or hide publish date, authors, categories and comments of the posts.

Step 3: Publish all changes you’ve done.

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