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Shop Archive

1. Shop Structure

Shop Structure allows you to customize the following features: Shop title, breadcrumbs, Result count, Product Filtering. You can enable/disable it depend on your needs.

2. Product Card

Product Card allows your product image is covered by a border style with 5 options like Solid, dashed, dotted, double and None style. You also set the width of this border depends on your needs.

3. Product content.

In Product content, you can customize the title, category, rating, price, product content and content min-height. As you can see, the option is designed to show/hide the related content on the product page.

4. Product Image

There are 3 setting options of this section you should consider, They are Hover Effect and Border style. You can use the hover effect if you want to make the product image zoom out when the user hovers their mouse on there. The Border Style keeps the same as the one in Product Cart. Next, you can set the image height.

5. Sale Tag

With Sale Tag, you can decide the position it is, maybe right or left. And the text color as well as border-radius.

6. Add to cart button

With Add to cart button, Now you can select the position for it to work. There are 5 positions you can add the cart to None, bottom, Bottom Visible, Image and Icon.

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