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Page Header

In Page header, you are allowed to easily create aesthetic header within minutes. The guide below will help you enable and customize some features in page header.

Step 1: In dashboard, navigate to Appearance > Customize > Layout > Page Header, then you will see a new window as below.

Step 2: Here, you can easily configure some attributes related to page header such as display option, title, breadcrumb, text align, background color, background image, padding top, padding button, and margin bottom with just some clicks.

Step 3: Publish to save what you’ve done.

Note: To apply the steps above to edit page header globally, go to Pages > All Pages > Watch in dashboard to customize page header of Home page.

Then in the right sidebar, scrolling down to Page header section under Page settings. Now you can make it customized as other pages by choosing customizer setting. Or you can enable/disable page header in home page.

The next step is to Update your change.

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