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Custom Product Tab

Woostify 2.0 brings a big change to single product pages. Particularly, these pages are designed to follow the accordion style. With this new style, customers will gain better shopping experiences on WooCommerce product pages. Especially, this feature is great for mobile designs. That’s the reason why in Woostify 2.0, the accordion layout is set as default on mobile devices.

In addition to accordions, the feature allows store owners to add custom tabs to products. Accordingly, you can reorder tabs, add new tabs, and delete any tab.

How to set accordion layout for single products

To customize product tabs, you first need to go to Appearance > Customize.

At the Customizer interface, you visit the WooCommerce section.

Then, you select Product Single.

After accessing Product Single, you will find the Layout section. Here Normal is set as default. If you want to change it into the accordion layout, simple select Accordion.

You also need to set the place to display this accordion layout. Go to the Position section and choose to display it In Product Summary or After Product Summary.

After the set-up, the tabs on the single product pages will be displayed as the image below.

How to customize product tabs in WooCommerce

In addition to setting the product tab layout, you can edit these tabs with several customization options. Particularly, you can:

  • Rearrange tabs: drag the item bars and drop them to the postion you want.
  • Add new custom tabs: select Add Tab to create your own tab.
  • Edit custom tabs: when you click on the down arrow next to the item, the Type section will appear. You can choose from the default options. If not, you select Custom, name the item, and cover the content.
  • Delete tabs: click on the X icon before the item you want to remove.
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