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Shipping Threshold

Woostify 2.0 offers the shipping threshold feature that helps encourage customers to purchase more. With this feature, you will set a certain value of the threshold. Then, customers will get free shipping if they reach that threshold.

Right now, we will show you how to set up a free shipping threshold for your WooCommerce site.

In the WooCommerce dashboard, you access Appearance > Customize.

Coming to the Customizer setting panel, you go to the WooCommerce section.

After that, you continue to access Shipping Threshold.

At the Shipping Threshold settings, the feature will be enabled after you click on the Enable Shipping Threshold button.

Then, a range of options as the image below will display. There will be two main parts to customize, including General and Design.

We will introduce you to the sections of the General tab first. It includes:

  • Enable Confetti Effect: if you enable this option, Confetti effect will work right after customers reach the threshold.
  • Enable Progress Bar: this option will help measure how many threshold percentage customers achieve when they add items to their carts.
  • Goal amount: threshold value (minimum purchase amount) customers need to reach.
  • Initial Message: the message will appear on the screen to notify customers of the purchase amount you need to add to reach the threshold.
  • Success Message: the message will appear on the screen to notify customers that they have reached the threshold and got a free shipping.

Now we move to the Design tab. Here you will select the colors for Message Color and Progress Bar Color.

Once you complete the setup, please go to the shop page and create some virtual orders to check how the shipping threshold works.

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