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Site Identity

This section allows setting site identities like Logo, Site Title, Site Tagline, Site Icon. Settings can be found under?Appearance > Customize > Layout > Header > Site Identity.

Logo (Normal, Retina and Mobile)

For?normal logo select a logo image from Media Library from the logo option.?Woostify allows adding retina logo to the header from Retina Logo option. This 2x sized logo is necessary on high definition screens so the logo won?t look blurred.

Logo Width

You can easily adjust the logo width with a slider. Set the toggle button to adjust logo width on the desktop,?tablet, and mobile. Woostify physically crops the logo in an appropriate aspect ratio which helps reducing page load.

Site Title &Tagline

Site Title is a name for the website. While the Tagline is?one line description for the site. Site Title and Tagline will display in the?title bar of a web browser. This option will be overridden?when the logo is added.

Site Icon

It?s a small image icon that can be seen in the tab of a web browser, bookmark bars, and within the WordPress mobile apps. You can set it with site icon option.

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