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This section allows you to make some settings of WooCommerce, including Store notice, Product catalog, Checkout, Product style, Shop archive, and Product single. You can follow our instructions to know how to customize the attributes above.

Step 1: In dashboard, navigate to Appearance > Customize > WooCommerce, then you will see a window as below.

Step 2: Now, you can edit the following features within clicks:

  • Store notice helps you show events, promotions or any notification which will be shown in screen bottom when you scrolling down.
  • Product Catalog allows you to set what to display on the main shop page, product category pages, and the way products sorted in the catalog by default.
  • Product Images enables you to customize some primary attributes of product images, such as the main image width, thumbnail width, and set thumbnail cropping within seconds.
product images
  • In Checkout section, you can do some configurations like Company name, address, phone number, privacy policy, terms & condition.
  • In Product style, you are allowed to customize the way to display product in the Shop page.
  • In Shop Archive section, you can customize product columns, number of products in a row, shop structure and product meta displayed on the shop page.
  • Product single enables you to set content background, gallery layout, breadcrumb and product meta including SKU, categories and tags.

Step 3: Remember to Publish all changes after you customize in each section.

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