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How to translate the theme into another language?

When developing a theme, English is set as the default language. Customer buys it and wants to change to their native language. How to do that?

To translate a theme into another language, you can use Loco Translate plugin within 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Site Language setting

Dashboard > Settings > General > Site language

To start this translating process, you need to set the site language from default to your native language. then Save it.

Step 2: Install & Setting Loco Translate Plugin

  • Dashboard > Plugin > Add New > Search Plugin > Install > Active

Continue the process by installing the Loco Translate plugin. After Activating the plugin, you can go to the setting here:

  • Loco Translate > Themes > Woostify
  • Loco Translate > Themes > New Language
  • New language > WordPress Language > Location > Start Translating

Step 3: Start translating

To start translating, please follow above the image.

Editor > Source Text > Translate into your language > Save

In this demo, we select Vietnamese as our language and show how to translate from English to Vietnamese.

Now, after translating all the text from the source to your native language. You have finished the process.

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